Ralf  (Groove)

(Bandleader, Gitarren, Vocals)

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–  AGL Custom Shop Stratocaster „Olivia“
– Westfield/England „Les Paul“ made in Korea,
    with Locking Tuner bei Fame,
   Tonerider Pickups England
–  AGL Custom Shop Telecaster  „Mrs. Pinky“


Amping and Effects:

–  Amp: Diezel VH2 mini  „limited Edition“
–  Engl Savage 60   Palmer Pocket Amp MK2
–  Cabs: Victory 2×12, Marshall 4×12, Hughes & Kettner 1×12
–  Effects by Fractal FX8 Mark II

-> My  Heroes on the guitars:

David Gilmour,  Gary Moore,   Joe Bonamassa,
Eric Steckel, Mike Campbell



( Vocals, bass, guitars, keyboards)

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  • Shure SM 58,
  • Roland VR-09 V-Combo B,
  • Gear4music bass
  • Fender Stratocaster

    ->     Favorite´s:     Mick Jagger, Bruce Dickinson

Unsere „Spezial Guest´s“:


                     -> Justus Liebig, bass









                   -> Udo Jehring, drums